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Used Machinery Inventory Search

  Item Manufacturer Machine Name Condition
86112i-59.JPG86112NewmanModel KF-24 Gang Rip SawUsed
86131i-07.JPG86131Mereen-Johnson Model 424 - DDC/SR-2+Gang Rip SawUsed
86146-01.jpg86146NewmanModel KF-24 Gang Rip Saw w/ Lasers & TablesUsed
b29e5cb6-0faf-45a3-b998-9f173aeab68e.JPG86153Progressive SystemsSB/D-36 Dip Chain Gang RipUsed
86155i-15.JPG86155RaimannModel KR 450 M Gang Rip Saw with Three Moving BladesUsed
86157i-14.JPG86157Lauderdale Hamilton72" Roll Feed Panel Gang Rip Saw w/ Pigtail Cross-cut SawUsed
86158i-02.JPG86158DiehlModel MR-90 Roll Feed Gang Rip SawUsed
86159i-01.JPG86159DiehlModel MR-90 Roll Feed Gang Rip SawUsed
86160i-03.JPG86160DiehlModel MR-90 Roll Feed Gang Rip SawUsed
rtgeneric86161Mereen-JohnsonModel 435-H/DC 60" Dip Chain Gang Rip SawUsed
86162i-02.JPG86162Mereen-JohnsonModel 312-DC-1 Gang Rip SawUsed
86163MMB-01.JPG86163Mereen-JohnsonModel 424 Gang Rip SawUsed
86164-01.JPG86164Cameron AutomationTaylor Automated Opt-Rip Optimizing Gang Rip Infeed SystemUsed
20200706_070636.jpg86165Mereen-JohnsonModel 440-DC 40" Dip-Chain Gang Rip SawUsed
rtgeneric86166Cameron AutomationModel Opti-Rip Optimizing InfeedUsed
86168i-01.JPG86168Mereen-JohnsonModel 312-DC-1 Gang Rip SawUsed
86169-01.JPG86169LicoRip System with Lateral Scanners and Five-Moving Blade Gang Rip SawUsed