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      Item Manufacturer Machine Name Availability Price  
    1379mmb-01.JPG1379Radio Frequency ServicesModel RFSN50A16A0300PC High Frequency GluerSoldCall For Sale Price 
    2827-02.JPG2827Western Machinery GroupModel FJNOVS16 Medium Production Finger JointerSoldCall For Sale Price 
    2828.MMB-01.JPG2828Western Machinery GroupModel 800 Finger Jointer Cutterhead GrinderAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    5322-01.JPG5322BoarkeModel BKM-52103NRK Three Head Planer Sander - 2014!SoldCall For Sale Price 
    7552-1.JPG7552Unknown42" ResawAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    8060-01.JPG8060Barr-Mullin"The Brute" Wondersaw Optimizing Cut-off SawSoldCall For Sale Price 
    10141-01.JPG10141QuickModel CCFP-08.5-14 Clamp CarrierSoldCall For Sale Price 
    29100.MMB-01.JPG29100Dubois48" Roll Coat Line with UV OvensAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    32110-01.JPG32110CresswoodModel EF-30-75LR Horizontal Wood GrinderSoldCall For Sale Price 
    32113-01.jpg32113Jeffrey40HP Vertical Wood HogAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    IMG_7276.jpg32114CresswoodVibrating ConveyorAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    35134-01.JPG35134TaylorModel 300152 Slat Type Glue SpreaderAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    44338-1.JPG44338Irvington MooreComplete Grading LineAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    44344-01.JPG44344MellottDrop-Transfer Chain DeckSoldCall For Sale Price 
    44345-01.JPG44345Keim HydraulicsChain Deck with Lateral FeederSoldCall For Sale Price 
    44346mmb-01.JPG44346Unknown16' Canted Roll ConveyorAvailable $ 1,950.00Make an Offer
    44347-1.JPG44347Automated Lumber Handling14' Motorized TurntableAvailable $ 1,750.00Make an Offer
    47932-03.JPG47932WeinigModel Hydromat 23C Six Head MoulderSale PendingCall For Sale Price 
    51115-01.JPG51115RotolesModel 1350D 53T 53" Rotoplane Rotary PlanerSoldCall For Sale Price 
    57163-01.JPG57163SCMRoutech Record 240 5' x 12' CNC RouterAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    81128-1.JPG81128GrutterModel 1600 Pneumatic Up-Cut SawAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    81129-4.JPG81129IndustrialModel C500 Up-Cut SawAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    81130.JPG81130GrutterModel 1605 Up-Cut SawAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    81131-1.JPG81131WhirlwindModel 1000R Pneumatic Up-Cut SawAvailable $ 1,750.00Make an Offer
    81132-1.JPG81132GrutterModel 1605 Pneumatic Up-Cut Saw w/ Flip-Stop TableSold $ 1,250.00Make an Offer
    81133-1.JPG81133GrutterModel 1600 Up-Cut SawAvailable $ 1,250.00Make an Offer
    85139-1.JPG85139DiehlModel 75 Straight Line Rip SawAvailable $ 4,500.00Make an Offer
    85140-01.JPG85140DiehlModel 750 Straight Line Rip SawSoldCall For Sale Price 
    85141-01.JPG85141ThomasModel CUTBAK Return Conveyor for Straight Line Rip SawSoldCall For Sale Price 
    86163MMB-01.JPG86163Mereen-JohnsonModel 424 Gang Rip SawSoldCall For Sale Price 
    86164-01.JPG86164Cameron AutomationTaylor Automated Opt-Rip Optimizing Gang Rip Infeed SystemSoldCall For Sale Price 
    91813-01.JPG91813LazzariModel JUNO3200 Sliding Table SawAvailable $ 7,500.00Make an Offer
    101134-01.JPG101134ChallonerModel 820 16' Length Double End TenonerSoldCall For Sale Price 
    101135-08.JPG101135Mereen-JohnsonModel 640 Double End TenonerAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    rtgeneric104181SIIKiln ControlsAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    rtgeneric104182Irvington MooreKiln ControlAvailableCall For Sale Price 
    104175-01.JPG104185MellottModel 140 Hydraulic Scrap ChopperSoldCall For Sale Price